Sunday, April 18, 2010

Story People Block Tutorial for April

I have an image in my head of a strangely out of proportion soul with either a
funky sun in the sky or balloons or something.
I started randomly with the yellow and blue and sewed them together
thinking this would be part of the body somehow.

Then I added white. I know I want a lot of white space
around the colors.

Next, orange and purple.
Legs, perhaps?

But they need to be curvy, so I placed a larger white piece on top and made sure it extended past the orange by several inches so it would give me the "white space" that I was after.
Then I just cut a curve with my rotary cutter.
I discarded the small piece and took the large curved piece, put the right sides together.
Notice I folded and marked the centers first so the the curve would line up nicely.

Next, pinned the heck out of it, stitched and pressed the seam away from center.

Repeated for the other side and here we have a leg.
(Ignore the red block. I was going somewhere with it, and decided not to.)

Pink and celery.
Repeat for the second leg.

I attached the legs and the "belt" type mid-section

Decided on a turquoise body again, attaching the white.
I will square this all up later.

This is staring to look like what I had in my head.

The red block is back!

And becomes a hat - a triangle hat!
I used the half-square-triangle method here.
Next, added more white and attached it to his body/head.

This bottom could use a little attention.

I cut it, added more white and squared it up.

Next time I have a few minutes I am going to be primarily using my machine to stitch
some wavy arms, a face, and applique a sun or something.
Maybe add a bead or something to the tip of his hat.

I'll post more pics as I get them.

If you are completely not enjoying this and way out of your comfort zone, let me know.
I have some other ideas for the colors that will incorporate nicely with this idea.
This is supposed to be fun so if it is not, make sure you let me know!!!

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