Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A message from Meg

Hi ladies! Anita and I have switched months! So I'll be doing June and she will be doing November. I just posted my inspiration mosaic to our flickr pool. Carissa, over at the Common Threads Bee, had a great idea for her month this spring, and I was so green with envy, I'm pulling a page from her book--literally! I'm a librarian, and a bookshelf quilt is a natural choice.

So, here's what we'll do.

I'm going to send everyone a FQ or so of the same background fabric, an ivory solid. What I'm asking you to do is make 12.5" (unfinished) tall bookshelves full of books made with your scraps for the books! Tall, short, fat, thin--use the mosaic for some inspiration. Look at your bookshelves at home, go to the library and the bookstore--all great places to get inspired for this one. You can make several narrow blocks, one big long block--go nuts. These should come together fairly quickly.

If you have no scraps, shame on you! Kidding! Seriously, if you're feeling that your scrap bin is too skimpy for this project, let me know and I will send along some of my own. My hope for this is to wind up with an array of books from all different fabrics, which I will then sash and border in dark brown "shelves".

Packages will be going out in the next day or so, so everyone should have their fabric by the beginning of next week.

Let me know if you have any questions--thanks, ladies!


Jennifer said...

So excited! I love your inspiration!

Wendy said...

What a great idea! I'm excited to find the perfect "books" in my stash.

So Elle said...

Perfect! I have loads of scraps from little girl dresses that are too fun to toss.

Jeanne said...

I got my background fabric today. I'm excited to do this...simple but will look so pretty. Love the inspiration blocks!

I am leaving Wed. to spend a week with my dad but will work on them when I get back.

Susan said...

Got my fabric yesterday...having already started pulling out my scraps:)