Monday, August 23, 2010

September Houses

Hello Coast to Coast Quilters!

September is my month and I'd like to make a neighborhood quilt with a house block from you. I'm inspired by a house quilt made by my guild. I love how a request for houses turned up mansions, cabins, beach houses and light houses. I can't wait to see what you create!

This is my inspiration quilt.

I'd like the houses to be 10.5" high and any width you care to make it. I've included background fabric and an "inspiration" fabric. This is a fabric I like that you may include in your house in any way you wish. A window, a door, a roof, whatever. Either straight or wonky houses are gratefully accepted. Please use fabric from your stash for the rest of the house. If this is too vague or you need more fabric, just let me know. No need to send any scraps back to me. There are lots of house blocks out there, but here is one and another that only need slight modification to make them 10.5" high. Here is a great collection of wonky houses.

These are some house blocks I've made or already been given for the start of my neighborhood. If you're inspired to make a tree block (also 10.5" tall) or add a tree next to your house for the neighborhood, that would be terrific. However, just a house is terrific as well.

Thanks in advance for your contribution, and I look forward to seeing your creativity! I'll send out the fabric packs this week.


Susan said...

Great! I love making house blocks:)

Bibi said...

Sounds great! :)