Thursday, July 1, 2010

Meg's Childrens Book Section

One day late! I finished one block last night and the other tonight. The color in the blue/green one is off because I photographed it at night, sans flash.

The story on the tilted book (which I wish wasn't floating so much): this is the last bit of fabric left from my niece Alex's quilt - which was the very first quilt I ever made. I used the other leftovers of this fabric in the doll quilt I made her last spring for her 4th birthday, which happened to be about 2 weeks after her sister was born so I wanted her to have something special.

And a bonus shot from my husband of both with my "assistant" napping on the job. He's taken up photography as his hobby and is learning how to use a camera we bought from my brother (a photojounalist by trade).

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Meg said...

I'm going to have the coolest kids' shelf ever! Thank you!

(ps--sometimes, "assistants" are more helpful while sleeping. hehe)