Monday, March 1, 2010

March fabric coming your way!

I hit the post office at lunch time today (and apparently so did everyone else, without their packages ready to go - ugh!) and mailed off the packages with the fabric for March.

In the packets, I promised to post links to a couple different tutorials for inspiration and I might add a few more. I have to track down the different things I've seen - some are in my ideas folder at work, my ideas folder at home and some I just saw and though "that's cool" and didn't save anywhere.

(It turned out to be a good month for me to not sew much - mom & dad come to town Sunday for a Spring Training game, the hubs and I head to LA next Friday for my friend Asma's wedding, and my 80's-themed 30th birthday party is on the 27th. Whew, I'm kind of tired just thinking about it! I am annoyed though, my machine decided to take a break from working last night and is headed to the doctor today for repairs. I was working on my Quilts for Kids quilt and all the sudden the feed dogs just stopped working. But I have my stats final tonight and then do not start my next class for a week and a half so I was going to work on some UFO's, two quilts for the Quilts for Kids project and P.S. I Quilt's Pinwheel Sampler. *sigh)

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Ellen said...

I totally thought about doing one of the house blocks. But we'll see... Love all the links. Just what I need, more blogs to surf. At this point, I need both time and money to grow on trees.
BTW your fabrics are beautiful.