Friday, February 26, 2010

March fabric mailing and blogger edits

Hi Ladies! The Olympics got the best of me this week so the farbic for March will be mailed either Saturday or Monday. I am now addicted to curling and sleep deprived because I found I like the events they have on late night better than the prime time events!
The envelopes are addressed, the fabric is washed and pressed but not all is cut... I am close to having it all ready. My cat was trying to "help" my last night by darting in and out of the fabric hanging over the ironing board to the ground and attacking the loose threads. She's lucky she's so cute!
Also, I made a quick edit to this blogger page. The bee logo on the right side of the page now links to the Flickr pool. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to add the Flickr badge like I have on my own blog. *sigh

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Jennifer said...

Haha, right after I posted that, I figured out how to add the Flickr button. You aren't crazy, I just didn't edit the post saying I didn't know how to add the badge :-)