Sunday, January 17, 2010

Something old, something new....

No bride here just a quilter.   I enjoyed Katie's request as it allowed me to sew something familiar but allowed me the chance to try something new.   I was easily able to construct 4 blocks from the fabrics sent so I created a nine patch (old), wonky star (old), a friendship star (new) and a pale star (new).   I adore the wonky star but found it more challenging in this size than in the 12.5 inch block size executed for Quilts of Valor block donation so I have to say my favorite was the pale star.   I'm thinking I might use this pattern for another bee in which I'm participating where we're challenging ourselves to take traditional blocks modern.

The pink and purple make me smile.  My son Erik, with a horrified look on his face asked, "You're not sewing that quilt for our house, are you?".   Two boys at this house will most likely help me package these for the post so as to rid our house of the pink!   You can safely bet that my month will mean no pink.

Can't wait to see these all together!

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Katie Bishop said...

So perfect! I love them! While they boys in your house might say "yuck" my little one is so ready! As they arrive she gets excited... "For me mommy?" Soon!

Thank you!