Friday, December 18, 2009

First Blocks Back

I have to tell you that sheer joy and excitement that shot through my veins as I retrieved my mail yesterday to find… an envelope from one of you ladies!!! It was from Ellen Crary!

I couldn’t open it right away… after arriving home to a barking dog, a hungry husband, and a crying two year old, other things drew my attention. But once the child was tucked in, the husband occupied with his late night tv show, the dog eating away at his bone… I opened it up!!

Not just two blocks, but three! Amazing! Wonderful job Ellen! Thank you!

I haven’t even started my blocks yet, but am very much looking forward to it. That is one of my goals as I finish Christmas presents this week!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Peace, Katie


Susan said...

Beautiful! Are you enjoying the snow?! I'm off today because of it!

Katie Bishop said...

We have 20 inches at our house in Frederick, MD! I am a bit beyond loving it... but am trying to just let it be a time of relaxing and loving on my little girl!

Hope everyone enjoys it!

Jennifer said...

Motivation to start working on mine, especially since my machine is back from the shop! (My brother won't mind waiting until after Christmas for his quilt, right? I doubt I will have it done in time to give it to him this week)

Ellen said...

Oops- I don't think my last comment was posted. I'm pretty new to this blog stuff! I'm glad you enjoyed the blocks. I love love love purple! And it was fun to do something so small.
We don't have any of that snow here in VT. Please send it our way.
Happy Holidays!